Completion / Handover

It’s a great feeling when things start coming together towards the end of a project. The smell of fresh paint is a good sign that we’re close to handing over and leaving you to enjoy your updated and improved home.

But don’t worry that’s not the end of our involvement.

As well as providing you with your final LABC issued Building Control Certificate you will also receive all relevant certifications for electrical (NICEIC Compliance) and plumbing (Gas – Safe) work that we’ve undertaken. This documentation isn’t just for peace of mind, it may well be required by insurers or future buyers. We will also supply you with any relevant technical information relating to the works carried out or systems/appliances installed.

From a snagging point of view we will continue to keep in touch with you, making sure the quality of work continues to stand up to everyday living.

Out of courtesy we will check in with you after 6 months to review the completed works and make sure you’re still happy with everything.